Workers’ Compensation Management

1 Hour 27 Minutes
SKU: 11ACOEM-2213
TRACK: Management & Administration in OEM 

Judith G. McKenzie, MD, MPH, FACOEM*, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA

Johnston Co, MD, MPH, St. Joseph's Occupational Health, Stockton, CA 
David G. Lukcso, MD, MPH, Medical Advisory Services, Gaithersburg, MD

The objective of this session is to review proven strategies used in managing workers' compensation cases in a healthcare setting. An overview of the historical context and opportunity in which the Workers' Compensation System arose and of the events that have shaped the current system will be presented. This session will also review of the medical literature examining successful strategies that have been used in an effort to reduce costs; improve return to work parameters; increase satisfaction of the patient, claims adjuster and employer; and reduce litigation will be discussed. In addition, trends in Workers' Compensation costs over the past couple decades, both medical and indemnity, will be reviewed that demonstrate a cost savings. Case studies will be presented. Guidance will be offered regarding practical approaches to incorporating relevant strategies in one's practice, as well as on how to maintain sustainability of these interventions to help ensure long-term financial success. This session may be of particular interest to residents and recent graduates.
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