“Where’s the Bone:” Utilizing the Zygomatic Implant and Non-Alveolar/Extra-Alveolar Implant Support for Full- Arch Immediately Loaded Implant Treatment

1 Hour 37 Minutes

Sunday, 10:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. East, 451 B 

Emerging Concepts and Innovative Therapies 

Moderator: John Russo 

Speaker: Jeffrey S. Sherry 

Educational Objectives: 

  • Identify how to locate and use non-traditional bone support, including zygoma, pterygoid, trans-sinus, and angled implant approaches to immediately loaded full-arch implant prosthesis. 
  • Describe the anatomic landmarks that are necessary to identify in order to safely perform these surgical procedures. 
  • List potential surgical complications of performing surgery in these areas. 
  • Demonstrate special instrumentation needed to perform zygomatic implants. 
  • Compare the protocol for immediately loading zygomatic implants versus conventional implants. 
  • Discuss current and future technology to help the periodontist achieve these goals with minimally-invasive surgery. 
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