[Video] This is How I Win the Hearts of High-End Clients - 我是這樣贏得高端客戶的心

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Through methods and learning to improve, Veronica Pang Ching Ching moved from MDRT to Top of the Table. At the age of 30, she successfully achieved the Top of the Table standard and graduated with an MBA. With 10 years of insurance industry experience, from ordinary to extraordinary, let her experience tell you how ordinary people do a good job for high-end clients. There are six things you must know to become a trusted advisor to high-end clients, three reasons why high-end clients cannot do without you, and successful case sharing, providing one-stop wealth management services.

單親家庭長大的清清,沒有任何背景和人物網絡,大學畢業後成功被ICAC香港廉政公署錄取,選擇加入保險行業,透過方法和學習提升,從MDRT到TOT。 30歲那一年,她成功達標TOT和獲得MBA碩士畢業。10年的保險業經驗,從平凡到不平凡,讓她的經驗告訴你平凡人如何做好高端客戶經營。成為高端客戶值得信任的顧問必須要懂的六件事,三個讓高端客戶離不開你的理由,以及成功個案分享,提供一條龍的財富管家服務。

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