[Video] Starting from Yourself, Create a Successful Environment Around You - 從自身出發,創造維繞你的成功環境

Cantonese On Demand Session

In today's business environment, it is even more important to learn how to let yourself step onto the road of success, build a successful team around you and expose yourself to an environment of continuous progress. In doing so, you will further cultivate more successful individuals and create an ideal career life. In this session Leung explains profound ideas in an easy-to-understand approach using practical examples to help each attendee build their own sustained circles of success. The session will be especially helpful for people who focus on individual business while expanding their teams.


在現今的營商環境中,一個人的成功已不合時宜,如何讓自己踏入成功之路之餘,建構成功周邊團隊,讓自己置身於不斷進步的環境,更進一步培育更多成功的人士,創造理想的事業生活 變得更為重要。

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