Techs & Specs for Energy Efficient, Durable Walls


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Las Vegas Convention Center, South 232

Format: Building Knowledge Session
Level of Content: Intermediate
Track: High Performance & Energy Efficient Building
Continuing Education: NAHB - 1.00 CE hour(s), NKBA - 0.1 CEU(s)
Appropriate for: Remodelers, Subcontractors & Specialty Trade Contractors, Single Family - All

Vladimir Kochkin, Home Innovation Research Labs, Upper Marlboro, MD

Arn McIntyre, McIntyre Builders, Inc, Rockford , MI
Randall Melvin, Winchester Homes, Bethesda, MD

What It’s About:
High-performance homes are now required by model codes (2012 IECC) and promoted by voluntary standards, such as NGBS and Energy Star, yet market penetration for energy efficient walls with an R-value of 19+ is still less than 20% of all new homes. This session will present best practices for building walls that are energy efficient, durable, cost-optimized and can be implemented easily in the field. It will highlight the pros and cons of various options and enable builders to make informed design and material selections. Information presented is based on the new "Construction Guide to High Performance Walls," developed with input from a range of experts across the industry to help achieve more standardization.

What You'll Learn:
Learn best practices and specific solutions for integrating exterior rigid foam insulation, including details for window installation, siding attachment and WRB integration.
Examine advanced framing packages that combine tried-and-true techniques with new approaches for increasing the wall system's R-value while controlling costs.
Understand where energy-efficient options and materials can conflict in installation practices and lead to product failures or building inspector red flags for non-compliance.
Gain increased confidence in making the right design decisions, reducing the risk for adopting new energy-efficient technologies.

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