Systemic Antibiotics in the Management Of Periodontal Diseases

2 Hours 26 Minutes

Monday Session

Program Track: Treatment of Inflammatory Periodontal Diseases

Moderator: David W. Paquette
Speaker: Angelo Mariotti

Inflammatory periodontal diseases represent infections that arise from a
disturbed equilibrium of the host-parasite interaction. According to one
argument, the use of antibiotics can only temporarily affect the magnitude and
composition of the subgingival biofilm; hence, the “routine” use of antibiotics
for the management of periodontal disease is contraindicated. Meanwhile,
cumulative evidence from clinical studies has demonstrated substantial and
consistent benefits of antibiotic therapy, when used in conjunction with
mechanical and/or surgical forms of periodontal therapy. This program will
debate the pros and cons of antibiotics in managing periodontal diseases in
clinical practice.

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