Occupational Health Services: Organization and Competencies

1 Hour 25 Minutes
SKU: 10ACOEM-2207

Track: Management and Administration in OEM

Kaochoy S. Saechao, MD*, University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Douglas A. Benner, MD, FACOEM*, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA
William B. Bunn III, MD, JD, MPH, FACOEM*, Navistar, Inc., Chicago, IL
Lucy O. Crane, MD, MPH, FACOEM*, Walgreens Co, Deerfield, IL

Different health care delivery models exist in occupational and environmental medicine. They range from on-site clinics to vertically-integrated and horizontally-integrated systems. This session will explore these models and discuss the various skills needed in each system. Data from the UCLA occupational medicine practice research project will be discussed in the context of these models.