New Frontiers in Project Studios


John Storyk, Architect, Studio Designer and Principal, Walters-Storyk Design Group - Highland, NY, USA

Peter Hylenski, Sound Designer - New York, NY, USA
Eddie Kramer, Remark Music Ltd. - Woodland Hills, CA, USA
Scott M. Riesett, Producer/Engineer - New York, NY, USA
David Rosenthal, Musical Director - New York, NY, USA

Today’s creative expectations, production methodologies, technology innovations, and business models has opened new frontiers for recording studios and particularly in the “Project Studio.” In recent years, street buzz on the demise of the traditional recording studio has fostered a misperception of imminent extinction for the whole category. In fact, more studios are being built today than ever. What has and continues to change are the conventional business and production models and, the tools employed by artists, engineers and producers to record, mix, master and distribute their work in creative, cost effective and, sonically brilliant formats. This evolution continues to produce shifts in thinking about studio size, acoustic requirements, and architectural ergonomics. This 90-minute presentation will explore: 
• Novel pre-fab acoustical treatments for low frequency control in small rooms; 
• Creative design tips for maximizing limited space; 
• Case Studies of recent project studio installations including previously unpublished photos and floor plans.

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