Multidisciplinary Issues, Part II - The New Global Harmonization System for Chemicals: What You Need to Know About Replacing MSDS

1 Hour 27 Minutes
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This fast paced session addresses two aspects: 1) Global Chemical Regulatory and Policy Shifts: Green Chemistry’s Transformative Impact on Employers, Workers and Consumers which will explore the histori- cal evolution of global sustainable chemical development in regulatory policy reform consensus standards and business/industry partnerships; and 2) Global Harmonization Systems (GHS) for Chemicals: What you need to know about OSHA’s hazard communication standard revision with GHS discussing the GHS elements, differences in a MSDS vs. SDS signal words, and pictograms. The attendee will be able to state two major elements of Global Harmonization System (GHS), recognize at least two differences between a material safety and a GHS safety data sheet, name two signal words used in GHS, and identify at least two pictograms used in GHS labeling. This session may be of particular interest to residents and recent graduates.

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