Modern Transmission Facilities

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Scott Fybush, Northeast Radio Watch
Karl Lahm, Broadcast Transmission Services, LLC - Traverse City, MI, USA
Jim Leifer, American Tower - Boston, MA, USA
John Lyons, Durst Broadcasting LLC - New York, NY, USA
Shane O’Donoghue, Empire State Building - New York, NY, USA

The broadcast transmission facility of the 21st century is a different beast from its 20th century predecessor. Bulky tube transmitters have largely given way to sleek solid-state rigs, and radio broadcasters are beginning to adopt the same liquid-cooled technology that has transformed TV broadcasting. In New York and other cities, older master FM antennas are being replaced with new combiners and antennas for the first time in decades. Ownership consolidation has brought former competitors together to share engineers and transmitter rooms. In this session the site managers and station engineers who oversee many of the biggest broadcast facilities will discuss the challenges they face in keeping their plants at the cutting edge of technical innovation. 

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