Minimally-Invasive Surgery for the Immediate Implant

2 Hours 15 Minutes

Sunday Session

Program Track: Implants

Moderator: Bobby L. Butler
Speakers: Ralf F. Schuler, Simone Verardi

The treatment protocols associated with hopeless teeth have evolved significantly over the last few decades. Initially, we staged implant therapy with extractions socket grafting; now, immediate implant placement is routine and more predictable. Techniques currently focus on minimal invasive procedures to achieve optimal aesthetics and long-term predictability. This presentation will focus on the indications of immediate implant placement, minimal invasive surgery (MIS) and the need for hard and soft tissue augmentative procedures. Cases will show optimal sequencing, and how to avoid complications.

Educational Objectives:
Understand prosthetic and surgical concerns prior to immediate implant placement.
Differentiate between immediate implant placement, immediate implant loading and 
delayed implant placement protocols.
Review different soft tissue grafting procedures to enhance aesthetic parameters.

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