Maximizing Success in Soft Tissue Grafting - Materials & Technique

2 Hours 3 Minutes

Tuesday Session

Program Track: Periodontal Plastic/Oral Reconstructive Surgery

Moderator: Jeanne M. Salcetti

Speakers: Edward P. Allen, Michael K. McGuire, Kirk L. Pasquinelli

This program will highlight three different treatment options for augmenting the band of attached and keratinized tissues around teeth and dental implants. The course will begin by discussing the utilization of autogenous connective tissue grafts, harvesting techniques and recipient site management. Next, practical applications of matrices, bioactive molecules and cell-based therapies will be addressed. In closing, the use of acellular dermis and the advantages of a minimally invasive tunneling technique for treating soft tissue deficiencies will be presented.

Educational Objectives:

  • Recognize when autogenous connective tissue grafts are indicated, and the techniques for harvesting and utilizing these grafts.
  • Understand soft tissue grafting when the patient does not want to use their tissue or cadaveric sources.
  • Describe the advantages of minimally invasive grafting surgery with the use of acellular dermis.