Implication of Climate Change for Occupational Health Clinicians

1 Hour 9 Minutes
SKU: 15ACOEM-225

TRACK: Environmental Health and Risk Management

Peter LaPuma, PhD, PE, CIH, George Washington University, Washington, DC
William Brett Perkison, MD, MPH, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
Linsey Rudolph, MD, National Network of Public Health Institutes, Oakland, CA

This session presents concepts regarding climate change for practicing occupational medicine physicians to help develop health and safety policy for their employer to best mitigate the associated risks. Information will be presented regarding disaster preparedness and health hazard evaluation for industry. An overview of current national policy regarding climate change will also be presented for anticipating changes in regulatory requirements. A presentation will also include ideas regarding sustainable practices for organizations to adopt as public recognition increases about this issue. This session was organized by the Environmental Health Special Interest Section.

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