[Audio] GUIDED DEVELOPMENT: Finding Your Tribe; Load Up the Slot Machine; Breaking the Mould; Dance Your Way to the Top; All is Not Lost; From Advice to Planning; Study Groups Made Simple; A Gift For a Gift: Referrals; Laugh Into Break


Main Speaks Session


Finding Your Tribe
Discover how volunteering or connecting with other members via study groups will truly change your life.

Kathleen R. Benjamin, CFP, CPA, is a 15-year MDRT member with three Court of the Table and thee Top of the Table qualifications. The chief operating officer and advisor at BFG Financial Advisors, she possesses more than 25 years of corporate and financial planning experience and has a strong niche working with physicians and medical practices.

Load Up The Slot Machine
Levasseur shares how the MDRT principle of volunteerism can shape your life, enhance your career and help you discover your leadership skills.

Thomas F. Levasseur, CLU, CLTC, is a 30-year MDRT member with nine Court of the Table and five Top of the Table qualifications. Before entering the life insurance business in 1986, Levasseur was a special education teacher and high school football. In 2001, he founded The Beacon Retirement Group, an independent firm specializing in retirement income and legacy planning. He has worked with individuals, families and closely held businesses in Maine and New Hampshire for more than 30 years.

Breaking the Mould
Lead your clients out of mediocrity to better outcomes with these tips to keep them accountable.

Gino Saggiomo, CFP, is a 12-year MDRT member with eight Court of the Table qualifications from Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia. By employing practical strategies to fully understand what behaviors are driving financial outcomes, Saggiomo has succeeded in helping everyone from mom-and-dad investors to company CEOs dictate terms to their own finances. 

Dance Your Way to the Top Maher shares how changing his tune changed his life for the better.

Andrew William Maher is a four-year MDRT member with one Court of the Table and two Top of the Table qualifications. Maher moved to financial services after finishing a career in which he combined playing professional basketball with teaching children in secondary school. This June marks the 25th anniversary of Maher’s financial services company, Maher Brownsword Ltd. 

All Is Not Lost
Who are our mentors? Who do we aspire to be? What kind of a difference could we make? Milne shares how to find a mentor or someone who needs a mentor.

Elaine Milne, Dip PFS, is an 11-year MDRT member with four Court of the Table and two Top of the Table qualifications. She runs her business, which specializes in personal wealth management, from Dundee, Scotland. She is always happy to share her business and personal experiences with other advisors with a view to helping them with their own goals and helping others in return. 

From Advice to Planning
You need to stop focusing on financial advice and change your approach to financial planning.

Charlie David Reading, APFS, is a two-year MDRT member with two Top of the Table qualifications and the founder of Efficient Portfolio, one of the top financial planning practices in the U.K. Through their innovative marketing strategies, the firm has achieved 50 percent growth in five of the last six years. Reading is the author of “The Dream Retirement,” which he published in 2015. 

Study Groups Made Simple
Levene advocates for taking time to chat with fellow MDRT members during breaks, share ideas and forming a study group.

Kai Kight uses music as a metaphor to inspire individuals and organizations around the world to compose paths of imagination and fulfillment. On a mission to spark a global mindset shift in which ingenuity is the norm, not the exception, he delivers emotionally powerful presentations, performs original music and candidly shares stories from his own transformation as an artist. As a musician, he has performed for audiences around the world, from the White House to the Great Wall of China. As a speaker, he has created impactful experiences for a wide range of audiences internationally. 

A Gift for a Gift: Referrals
Giving your clients something of value will make them want to add value to your relationship.

Walton W. Rogers, CLU, ChFC, is a 45-year MDRT member with three Court of the Table qualifications who served as MDRT President in 2009. 

Jason Hewlett delivers incredible talks that combine authenticity, humor, music and impersonations with practical business principles applicable for leadership, entrepreneurship and cultural impact. One of the youngest ever to be inducted into the prestigious Council of Peers Award for Excellence Speaker Hall of Fame, he has delivered frontline motivation and management presentations for some of the largest corporate events in the world.