The Interdisciplinary Team: A Collaborative Approach to Optimize Outcomes for Patients with Compromised Dental Aesthetics and Function

2 Hours 9 Minutes

Tuesday Session, 2–4 p.m.
Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

Moderator: E. Todd Scheyer
Speakers: Gregg Kinzer, Vincent O. Kokich, Jr., and Jim Janakievski

Many of our patients are seeking dental treatment to correct specific aesthetic and functional concerns. Often these patients may present with treatment challenges that include combinations of missing or compromised teeth, malocclusions, ectopic impactions, altered periodontal attachments, and/or deficient alveolar ridge form. Therefore, treatment planning can be difficult and optimally demands a collaborative approach to therapy by multiple disciplines to achieve the desired outcome. This presentation will discuss protocols used by Drs. Janakievski, Kinzer, and Kokich, and their interdisciplinary team.

Educational Objectives:
• Recognize that shared knowledge is fundamental to a successful interdisciplinary relationship.
• Explain how collaborative therapy can enhance treatment outcomes.
• Consider how working together in a team approach can lead to optimal aesthetics for the patient.